What to report: Occurrences and Claims 

An occurrence with respect to the furnishing of, or failure to furnish professional services, is an event or series of events resulting in unintended or unexpected injury to a patient, which may give rise to a claim.  

Claims are demands, complaints, or legal papers (including lawsuits and demands for arbitration) served on an insured. Report all occurrences, claims, and lawsuits immediately. Reporting triggers coverage, and by reporting immediately, you will recall details that could be important in helping your case. 

How to report 

By Telephone: MICA Claims Department 
602-956-5276 or 800-352-0402 


Click here to report an occurrence or claim

The first report of an occurrence or claim must be made by telephone or online. Do not send a first report via e-mail, fax, or in writing. 

To report urgent matters involving a Cyber Attack or Data Breach that occur outside of regular business hours, contact Tokio Marine HCC’s breach support team by calling 888-627-8995. Please be prepared to identify yourself as a MICA policyholder and provide your policy Declarations page or coverage form, if available. 

First Notice 

Submission of an online report will initiate the process of reporting an occurrence or claim to MICA. Reporting is not complete until an insured provides all requested information to MICA as required in the policy. MICA expressly reserves all rights with respect to coverage until the coverage for the occurrence or claim is expressly acknowledged by MICA. 

What Happens Next 

As a MICA insured, you have access to litigation support services. Click here to learn more. (PDF)