Giving Back – MICA Medical Foundation

MICA Medical Foundation is a charitable organization established to align with MICA's mission and principles to ensure that all physicians are well positioned to deliver outstanding care with a focus on patient safety. Founded in 2014, MICA Medical Foundation supports the communities we serve in a multitude of ways, including physician education and training, residency program grants, scholastic achievement programs, pilot programs to improve patient outcomes, and more. 


MICA Medical Foundation

Residency Program Grants

MICA Medical Foundation has committed to funding four-year residency positions in the Obstetrics/Gynecology Combined Residency Program at Dignity Health’s St. Joseph's Hospital and Maricopa County Medical Center.

MICA Medical Foundation Selected Residents

  • Isiah Angel Romo, University of Arizona College of Medicine, M.D. (2023)
  • Nicholas Balbi, Hackensack Meridian School of Medicine, M.D. (2022)
  • Nicole Segaline, University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix, M.D. (2021)
  • Diane Light, Creighton University School of Medicine, M.D. (2020)
  • Jessica Worthington, University of Arizona College of Medicine, M.D. (2019)

  • Chloe Wood, Creighton University School of Medicine, M.D. (2018)
  • Taylor Jenkins, University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix, M.D. (2017)
  • Meisje Burton, University of Arizona College of Medicine - Phoenix, M.D. (2016)

Scholastic Achievement Programs

MICA Medical Foundation works with the University of Arizona, AT Still University, Midwestern University, and University of Arizona – Phoenix, to provide scholastic achievement awards for medical students. The prestigious Robert F. Crawford Scholastic Achievement Award goes to the top-ranked medical student in each program. To be eligible for grant funding, programs and initiatives must focus on improving patient safety, quality of care, reducing medical errors, and/or physician education and training.

Program Eligibility

Organizations seeking funding must qualify as exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Activities must have a primary impact in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada and/or Utah, and are typically centered on:

  • The education and training of physicians
  • Development, implementation, or changes in healthcare-related systems, tools, and processes that improve outcomes
  • Pilot programs designed to improve medicine

*MICA Medical Foundation does NOT fund the following:

  • Political organizations, campaigns, and lobbying efforts; religious organizations; endowment campaigns; societies and fraternal organizations; telephone solicitation; construction or repair of facilities; capital campaigns; projects that benefit individual applicants or serve a limited audience

MICA Medical Foundation Board and Staff

Board Members:
Karen J. Nichols, D.O., Chair
Roseanne Collins, M.D.
Steven P. Matteucci, J.D.

Edward G. Marley, President
Sherry R. Haworth, Secretary 
Kristin L. Kenny, Treasurer 

For more information about MICA Medical Foundation, please contact:
Sherry Haworth
Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer