CME Courses

MICA's online CME modules are a great way to refresh your knowledge of Risk Management topics and get CME credit at the same time. Login or register now to obtain access to MICA's CME courses. Anyone with a MICA account can complete the CME courses, but non-MICA members must pay a fee before they receive a certificate of completion. The cost will appear in your shopping cart upon completion of the CME course.

In order to receive CME credit, you must complete an entire module. Most modules are comprised of sections. Your work will only be saved after completing an entire section. Be sure you have ample time before starting the process.

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Office Based Risk Management 0.00
Vicarious Liability 1.00
Radiology: Avoiding Pitfalls of Liability 2.00
What About This Case? 1.00
Avoiding Obstetrical Liability – A New Look at Persistent Concerns 3.00
Where the Losses Are 1.00
Key Principles in Risk Management 2.00
Avoiding Pediatric Liability 2.00
Preventing Allegations Of Malpractice In The ED 1.00
CSI: Communication - Communication Strategies Investigated 4.00
CSI: Diagnosis - Cognitive Science Investigates 2.00
Avoiding Liability Risks in Orthopaedics 2.00
Error, What Error? The Challenge Of Disclosure 1.00
Liability Issues in Gastroenterology 1.00
Low Health Literacy - The Silent Epidemic 1.00
Avoiding Surgical Liability: A Reality Check 2.00