Claims Expertise

MICA has a Claim Department staffed with competent and experienced claim professionals. Our Customer Service Representatives are available by telephone to take reports regarding occurrences, claims and lawsuits from our policyholders. After a report has been taken, an experienced Claim Representative will be assigned to the case and, where appropriate, defense counsel will be retained to represent the interests of the MICA insured.

In Utah and Colorado, the MICA Claim Department utilizes Third Party Administrators (TPA’s) experienced in medical malpractice matters specifically in those states.

MICA retains experienced counsel who specialize in the defense of medical professional liability matters. The MICA policy provides that defense costs are paid outside the policy limits.

The MICA policy contains a Consent to Settle provision without a hammer clause. MICA will not settle a professional liability claim without the insured’s written Consent to Settle. MICA will determine the amount of the settlement.

Should the matter proceed to trial, the attendance of the insured is required and is of the utmost importance in obtaining a favorable result. MICA recognizes that a physician will have ongoing office expenses during trial.

To assist with those expenses – and loss of earnings - the MICA policy provides coverage for loss of earnings and reasonable travel and lodging expenses, as detailed in the policy form.

MICA appreciates the fact that claim matters can be stressful. Our staff provides our insureds with courteous and reliable guidance. In addition, MICA provides counseling services through our Litigation Stress Management Program to our insureds involved in a covered claim or suit. The Program utilizes experienced psychologists.