MICA Proxy - It's Time to Vote!

MICA’s Notice of Annual Meeting of Members and Proxy Statement have been mailed to members. By voting promptly you can help ensure a quorum and reduce mailing expenses. The form includes the web address for Simply Voting along with your Elector ID and Password. We also sent you an email on the same day that the proxy mailed that included the link to your personal voting page (no logging in). To vote, simply select either “for” or “withhold vote” for each candidate.

You also have the option of submitting your proxy vote without making voting selections by clicking the green continue and green confirm buttons. Regardless of how you vote, please submit your proxy by clicking on the green CONFIRM or green CONTINUE button at the bottom. Without that last click, your proxy won’t count.

If you prefer, you can also email or fax your proxy vote. Click here to access the fillable pdf proxy form. Make your selection “for” or “withhold vote” for each candidate, or if you do not wish to make voting selections, fill in your name, sign, and email to help@mica-insurance.com or fax to 602.468.1710. You must fill in your name and sign in order for the vote to be counted.

If you have questions, please contact customer service at 602.808.2111 or help@mica-insurance.com.