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COVID-19: Practicing Medicine During a Pandemic

Click here for more information regarding MICA's response to the COVID-19 pandemic and to access Risk Management resources.

MICA Proxy - It's Time to Vote!

MICA’s Notice of Annual Meeting of Members and Proxy Statement have been mailed to members. By voting promptly you can help ensure a quorum and reduce mailing expenses. The form includes the web address for Simply Voting along with your Elector ID and Password. To vote online, visit micaproxy.simplyvoting.com and log in with this information. If you have misplaced your voting materials, please contact customer service at 602.808.2111 or help@mica-insurance.com

We also sent you an email on the same day that the proxy mailed that included the link to your personal voting page (no logging in). To vote, simply select either “for” or “withhold vote” for each candidate.

You have the option of submitting your proxy vote without making voting selections by clicking the green continue and green confirm buttons. Regardless of how you vote, please submit your proxy by clicking on the green CONFIRM or green CONTINUE button at the bottom. Without that last click, your proxy won’t count.

If you prefer, you can also email or fax your proxy vote. Click here to access the fillable pdf proxy form. Make your selection “for” or “withhold vote” for each candidate, or if you do not wish to make voting selections, fill in your name, sign, and email to help@mica-insurance.com or fax to 602.468.1710.

You also have the option of digitally signing and emailing your proxy to help@mica-insurance.com. In order to use the digital signature feature, the pdf must be opened in Adobe Acrobat.

You must fill in your name and sign in order for the vote to be counted.

If you have questions, please contact customer service at 602.808.2111 or help@mica-insurance.com.

Report a Claim Online

We know your days are busy. We know that patient care is your number one concern. That is why we have developed a simple and confidential way to report a new potential claim, active claim, or lawsuit via the MICA website. Our policyholders now have the option to report a claim to MICA anytime, day or night, simply by logging in to their account via our website and clicking "Report a Claim or Potential Claim" in the Shortcuts menu on their homepage. Reporting will only take a few minutes. Our MICA claim staff will follow up and run with the matter from there.

MICA Declares a Dividend for 2020

At its recent December meeting, the MICA Board of Trustees declared a $20 million dividend* to be distributed to participating member policyholders in February 2021.

This dividend is derived principally from favorable claims activity during 2020. The dividend declaration represents approximately 25% of 2020 policyholders’ premium, for current members who have been insured with MICA for 36 consecutive months as of December 31, 2020. Those insured with MICA for a shorter period will receive a proportionate dividend based on their number of months with MICA.

This dividend represents the second declared by the MICA Board during 2020. The first dividend was $12 million, which was declared in April and distributed in June. The $12 million dividend was declared in response to the member business disruptions caused by COVID-19.

MICA is a mutual insurance company. Following the February 2021 distribution, MICA will have returned $683 million to its member owners since inception, including $32 million for 2020 and $134 million over the last five years.

On behalf of the MICA staff and Board of Trustees, thank you for your support.

*The dividend declared for the 2020 policy year reflects the company’s financial performance. Past performance does not guarantee future dividends. This policy has exclusions, limitations, and terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. For costs and complete details of coverage, contact your insurance agent or MICA.

Career Opportunities

Please see our Careers page for current employment opportunities with MICA.