Our Management Team is made up of seasoned insurance professionals led by our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer James F. Carland, M.D. Our Board of Trustees is composed of physicians as well as experts in healthcare and finance. Their guidance is critical to MICA’s success.

Read more about our leadership below:

2020 Board of Trustees

  • James F. Carland, III, M.D. Chairman
  • Marc L. Leib, M.D., J.D. Vice Chairman
  • Joseph W. Hanss, Jr., M.D. Secretary
  • David A. Pedersen, M.D.Treasurer
  • Phyllis I. Biedess
  • Jeffrey C. Broberg, M.D.
  • Katie M. Campuzano, M.D.
  • Roseanne K. Collins, M.D.
  • James G. Leiferman, M.D.
  • Steven P. Matteucci, J.D.
  • Jeffrey W. Morgan, D.O.
  • Karen J. Nichols, D.O.
  • J. Greg Rula, M.D.
  • Walter K. Sosey, M.D.
  • Michael A. Trainor, D.O.

Executive Staff

  • James F. Carland, III, M.D. President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Ronald E. Malpiedi Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
  • Edward G. Marley, MBA Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • Darren J. Palmer Vice President & Chief Information Officer
  • Timothy J. Friers Vice President & Chief Underwriting Officer
  • Karen B. Everitt, JD, BSN, RN Vice President, Risk Management
  • Hana Y. Kim, JD Vice President, Marketing & Corporate Communications
  • Leon W. Kochan, M.C.Ed Vice President, Human Resources
  • Philip J. Smith Vice President, Claims