MICA's Board of Trustees is composed of physicians as well as experts in health care and finance. Their guidance is critical to MICA’s success.

2022 Board of Trustees

  • James F. Carland, III, M.D. Executive Chairman
  • Marc L. Leib, M.D., J.D. Vice Chairman
  • James G. Leiferman, M.D. Secretary
  • David A. Pedersen, M.D.Treasurer
  • Thomas Betlach
  • Phyllis I. Biedess
  • Jeffrey C. Broberg, M.D.
  • Katie M. Campuzano, M.D.
  • Roseanne K. Collins, M.D.
  • Christina Kwasnica, M.D.
  • Steven P. Matteucci, J.D.
  • Karen J. Nichols, D.O.
  • J. Greg Rula, M.D.
  • Walter K. Sosey, M.D.
  • Michael A. Trainor, D.O.

Executive Staff

  • Edward G. Marley President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Ronald E. Malpiedi Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
  • Darren J. Palmer Vice President & Chief Information Officer
  • Timothy J. Friers Vice President & Chief Underwriting Officer
  • Karen B. Everitt, JDVice President, Risk Management
  • Hana Kim, JD Vice President, Marketing & Corporate Communications
  • Leon W. Kochan, M.C.Ed Vice President, Human Resources
  • Philip J. Smith Vice President, Claims