Community Outreach

You already know that MICA serves the best interest of physicians by providing peace of mind. Did you know that MICA is also a strong member of the community?

Corporate Participation

Due to growing concern about the shortage of physicians in Arizona, MICA ‘s Community Outreach program focuses on the healthcare community with specific emphasis on keeping medical students and residents in Arizona.

MICA supports programs such as Academic Excellence Days and Resident Conferences that focus on education and research - by and for residents, fellows and medical students. We are proud to support these initiatives that showcase the strengths of our future physicians.

In addition, MICA’s staff conduct “Medical Professional Liability 101” presentations for various residency programs around Arizona.

Finally, did you know that MICA provides scholastic achievement awards for medical students? Each year, MICA presents awards to outstanding students at medical schools throughout the state. And the student with the highest GPA in each designated class receives the prestigious Robert F. Crawford , M.D. Scholastic Achievement award.

Employee Participation

Each year, MICA’s employees participate in several fundraisers that benefit the community, including a Silent Auction to benefit Upward for Children and Families. Dedicated to improving the lives of children and families...through education, therapy and loving care, Upward provides special education and childcare for children with developmental disabilities and/or medically fragile children.

MICA partners with United Blood Services to hold three blood drives per year. We average 15 units of blood collected at each blood drive!

And, over many years, Team MICA has raised nearly $20,000 for the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

One of our favorite activities is Bingo Night at the Westward Ho, a low-income housing project for senior citizens. Each year, MICA’s employees donate over 100 prizes for the residents of Westward Ho. We also host a Holiday Raffle to provide funds for prizes. Bingo Night is an event that the Westward Ho residents look forward to every year, and everyone is a winner. Residents win prizes and MICA employees and their families get the satisfaction of knowing they have made a difference in the residents’ lives.