Invoice Cloud and Paper Invoice Update

In July 2021, MICA launched a new invoicing and payment portal powered by Invoice Cloud® that has allowed us to provide you with more convenient payment options and the ability to receive invoices electronically. To ensure a smooth transition, MICA has continued sending paper invoices along with email notifications regardless of individuals’ paperless preferences.

Beginning January 1, 2022, paper invoices will be sent only to policyholders that have opted out of paperless invoicing. All other policyholders will receive their invoices electronically at the email address on file in Invoice Cloud®.

MICA has implemented enhanced security features for MICA's invoicing and payment services powered by Invoice Cloud®. This update includes changing the way Practice Managers log into and manage their accounts. While we acknowledge and apologize for the inconvenience of this update, please know that these enhancements are intended to protect the security of all accounts.

To verify your paperless preference, log in to the MICA member portal. After logging in, click on "View My Invoices or Pay My Premium" and then click the button "Access Your Online Payment Options and Invoices". From here, you will be redirected to Invoice Cloud® to verify your paperless preference and email address for invoices.