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MICA Board of Trustees Declares Dividend for 2017

As we begin our 42nd year of operation, the MICA Board of Trustees has declared a member dividend of $25 million, representing approximately 26% of an annual premium for those with MICA for 36 consecutive months as of December 31, 2017. It will be distributed to qualifying MICA members in February.

Over the last thirteen years, as beneficial owners, MICA members will have received, upon their receipt of the most recently declared dividend, their proportionate share of over $400 million in dividends.

The dividend declared for the 2017 policy year reflects the Company’s financial performance. Past performance does not guarantee future dividends.

4th Quarter Issue of the Risk Advisor is Now Available

The Risk Advisor is MICA's quarterly CME publication from our award-winning Risk Management Department. The December 2017 issue covers a variety of relevant topics, including: Case History: Refusal of Care, Counsel's Corner: Treating Mature Minors, and The Role of Ethics in Healthcare. Log in today to read the 4th Quarter issue of the Risk Advisor.

Our Latest Lunch & Learn Webinar is Now Available

Did you miss our latest Lunch & Learn webinar, Cyber Claims Trends ? You can view it now by logging in and clicking on Lunch & Learn Webinars under Quick Links.

Watch your email for invitations to future Lunch & Learn and Lunch & Law webinars, held the third Wednesday of every month at 12:15 MST.

MICA Report is now available

The 3rd quarter issue of the MICA Report is now available on the MICA website. Log in today to read about several engaging topics, including an article about MPL insurance by MICA Chairman & CEO, Dr. James Carland.

Fraud Alert! MICA Login Security Notice

As a client of MICA your safety and security is always our priority. Recently a MICA insured received a phone call from an unidentified individual who stated they were calling regarding their MICA insurance. The caller asked the MICA insured to log onto their computer to access information. The call originated from 727-555-0126 which has been flagged as a number being used for scam or fraud.

All MICA IT systems have been reviewed to demonstrate that no systems have been compromised. Should you be the target of any similar or suspicious activity, we recommend immediately checking your PC for malware, phishing, or viruses. In addition, we recommend that you change your MICA password if you use any of MICA’s online options such as premium payment, completing renewal census, obtaining a certificate of insurance, etc.

If a MICA employee contacts you and you are unsure of their identity, please contact us immediately to verify that the individual is a MICA employee by calling 602-808-2111 or 877-215-6422.